Manaviva was set up with
the purpose of supporting
the creation of learning

Japanese Lessons

Customized private or group lessons based on educational objectives

English Lessons

English lessons with focus on communication


Speaker on topics related to multicultural society and bilingualism etc

Seminar MC

Bilingual MC in Japanese and English for seminars, conventions or events

Founder’s Profile:
Mana Kato Casey

After starting her career as a presenter of medical satellite TV programmes, Mana turned freelance and expanded her areas of expertise through work in Japan, France, United Kingdom and most recently Hong Kong.

Today, Mana is a lecturer at HKU SPACE where she teaches ‘Media Japanese’ and ‘Presentation Japanese’ as a way to bring her passion for communication and education together.

Leveraging her overseas experiences to date, Mana has established Manaviva International to support various learning opportunities and the internationalisation of Japan.

Looking for a Japanese/English teacher, MC and lecturer?

Please contact us if you are interested in studying Japanese/English, or searching for a Japanese/English speaking MC for your conference, lecturer for language education etc.